Pet Friendly Retirement Village on NSW Central Coast

Enjoy a pet friendly retirement village on the central coast of NSW.

At Catalina, we understand pets are cherished members of the family and vital companions through retirement. That’s why we’re proud to be a pet friendly retirement community where pets are not just accommodated, but genuinely welcomed.

We provide an ideal setting for you and your pet, so you can share joyful days with your companion. Whether it’s daily walks around the Catalina village or exploring tracks around Lake Macquarie or the sunny central coast of NSW, the our residents revel in the benefits of our pet friendly retirement village.

Every day at Catilina presents an opportunity to laugh and relax with your best friend. Arrange a visit to see why we are a leading pet friendly retirement village for people in Sydney, Lake Macquarie and on the NSW central coast.

Catalina Village

Pet Friendly Retirement Community Features

We treasure the happiness and calming presence pets bring at Catalina. From the comfort of our homes to Lake Macquarie’s vast outdoor spaces, we ensure residents find all their companions need in and around our pet friendly retirement village on the central coast of NSW.

Pet Friendly Features at Your Doorstep

  • Secure backyards: Every Catalina home boasts a secure backyard, providing a haven for pets to play and take in the fresh air of the central coast.
  • Off-leash freedom: With 30 designated dog off-leash areas, including fenced dog parks and beach zones, Lake Macquarie is a paradise for pets to explore freely.
  • Shared spaces: Many of our community’s shared areas are perfect for socialising and exercising, ensuring a vibrant and active lifestyle for you and your pet.
  • Scenic walk trails: Discover dog-friendly walk trails across Lake Macquarie, where every walk is an adventure amidst nature’s beauty.
  • Nearby veterinary care: Catalina is surrounded by a range of veterinary services to cater to your pet’s health, from clinics to hospitals and even mobile vets, so help is always within reach.

Pet Friendly Retirement Village Near Sydney

Take the first step towards a blissful retirement with your beloved pet by your side and contact Catalina about our pet friendly retirement community today.

Hear from Other Pet Owners at Catalina

“Mia just loves it here at Catalina. Meeting up with other dog owners, keeping active and socialising is so much easier with a pet.  I just can’t imagine not having her here – she brings so much joy and enriches my life beyond measure.” – Sue Ratford with Mia

We are better together at Catalina

It is a safe, caring and connected place. There’s not a better place to live in our new world order.

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