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Medical Support for Retirees


Have peace of mind living at Catalina

Aside from the lifestyle advantages of living in a retirement village like Catalina Lake Macquarie, you’ll also benefit from having access to high quality, 24-hr medical support. This means you get the best of both worlds. That’s total freedom to enjoy your time and experience life as you desire, whether you want to spend your days reading poolside and barbecuing, strolling with friends, playing on the bowling green, or a little of everything. Plus, you have the security of round-the-clock, specialised medical support from health care providers who specialise in treating people in retirement.

We understand that health care is a high priority in your retirement years. At Catalina Lake Macquarie we offer a 24-hour medical alarm and telehealth call system connected to trained nurses. We also offer optional daily drop-in home care support.

You’re always close to a medical professional should you have a medical emergency or a concern you need addressed. Having health care professionals nearby – qualified nurses and home care support providers who have experience with the unique medical needs of retired individuals – can give you the confidence to live your life to the fullest.

Stay independent with Catalina

If you require additional personal or health care, our team can help you and organise a fee for service provider to assist you. Such services include house cleaning, meals or shopping.

This type of tailored home care support is designed to enrich your quality of life. Peace of mind plus the freedom and support you require to thrive.

To find out more, give one of our friendly customer care representatives a call today.


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