Amenities around Catalina Retirement Village

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Catalina Lake Macquarie takes resort-style retirement living to a new level with quality residences you’ll love to call home.

What do you see yourself doing the day after you retire? Most people look forward to having more time to spend doing the things they enjoy. For many, the reality is much different from the vision.

Whether you’re looking for a retirement village in New South Wales that offers a variety of activities, a serene community in an idyllic setting for your golden years, or both, you’ll find it all at Catalina Lake Macquarie village. Every resident and couple enjoys plenty of space and privacy in their own newly built Lake Macquarie home, as well as access to a range of amenities, providing everything you could ask for to create the lifestyle you want.

Health and wellness, the arts, getting together with friends – walks near the water, swimming, movies, Pinot Gris and grilled fish while the sun sets – who said you should slow down beyond 55? When you cultivate the lifestyle you want, retirement can be the most enjoyable – and relaxing – time of your life.

The Benefits of Living at a Retirement Village in Lake Macquarie

People often think about how they will spend their time after retirement, only to find that other responsibilities still get in the way. Simple things like mowing the lawn or taking care of house maintenance or its content take more time than you might realise.

Living at Macquarie Villages takes away the worries over caring for your home. During the latter half of your life, going to work is no longer a part of your schedule. Working at home shouldn’t interfere with the things you want to do either.