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Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities are available for the delivery of my mail?

Each Residence has its own private mail box at the front of the Dwelling 

Are there any restrictions on the use of community facilities?

Community facilities are available to all residents and their guests subject to the times of opening and code of conduct as stated in the residential estate rules.

If the Retirement Village is sold, what protection do I have?

Your lease agreement will continue on the same basis with any new village owner.

To what standard will I be required to maintain the home?

Residences should be kept neat & tidy and in a good state of repair at all times. All residences must comply with health and safety regulations of local Council and all other Statutory Authorities.

To what standard will I be required to maintain the home?

Residences should be kept neat & tidy and in a good state of repair at all times. All residences must comply with health and safety regulations of local Council and all other Statutory Authorities.

Who is responsible for construction of the dwelling and connecting it to services?

Catalina Lake Macquarie will be exclusively constructed by the Hunter’s own multi-award-winning Master Builder – Yarrum Designer Homes Pty Ltd.

Can my medical needs be catered for?

Yes. Each residence at Catalina Lake Macquarie is fitted with a 24/7 medical alert system. This means that you can maintain an independent lifestyle in your own home with the assurance of timely help in the event of a medical emergency. The 24/7 medical alert system connects you to a trained nurse who can provide preliminary assistance in the event of a medical mishap, and will organise for you to be attended to by medical professionals if this is deemed necessary.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, a maximum of one small dog or cat and up to two birds are permitted to occupy your site, subject to the village pets policy.

What community facilities are provided in the Catalina Retirement Village?

The community centre clubhouse will feature a residents lounge, bistro, kitchen & bar, cinema, library, billiards room, consulting rooms, heated indoor pool, hydrotherapy spa and large outdoor deck overlooking a synthetic bowling green. There is also a men’s shed onsite.

What other fees or charges must I pay?

You are required to pay for all electricity, gas, telephone/ NBN or any other utility fees levied in respect of the home and site which are not covered by your recurrent charges budget.

How long can I occupy the dwelling?

You may occupy the dwelling for a period of up to 99 years, or until the passing of the last surviving resident. You can, of course, elect to leave earlier if you so desire, in which case the village manager will put your residence on the market for sale and manage this process on your behalf.

Can I grant a mortgage or lodge a caveat over the site?

No. You cannot mortgage or otherwise offer security over your site, nor create a caveat over the land it occupies.

Do I pay stamp duty for my new home?

No. Stamp Duty is not applicable because you are occupying your residence under lease.

Can I secure my new home at Catalina Lake Macquarie if funds are not immediately available?

Yes. For example, if you are waiting for the sale of your current home we would be happy to discuss how we can assist you in reserving the home of your choice.

How are the recurrent charges paid?

Recurrent charges are direct debited fortnightly from your nominated bank account.

How are recurrent charges set and who is responsible for them ongoing?

The recurrent charges are set by the Operator at the commencement of the Village to cover the Administrative and Maintenance (Sinking Fund) costs of running the Village. These are varied in accordance with the Retirement Villages Act

How are these deferred management fees calculated?

The deferred management fee is calculated as a percentage of the resale price of your residence, and is based on a sliding scale, depending on your period of residency. It is calculated as follows:

  • Years 1/2/3: 6% pa
  • Year 4: 5% pa
  • Years 5/6/7: 4% pa
  • Total/ maximum after year 7: 35% of resale price (calculated on a pro-rata daily basis)
Does the Village offer a deferred management fee? What is it, and how is it applied?

Yes Catalina offers a deferred management fee (DMF), which is payable upon your exit from the Village. In a Retirement Village (as opposed to Land Lease or “Lifestyle” Village) the operator is responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing all capital items (ie. Ovens, Hot Water Services, Air Conditioners etc) should they break down during your period of residency, as well as a Maintenance of your Villa and gardens. The Operator is also responsible for refurbishing the Villa (save for fair wear and  tear) when the villa turns over.

What happens upon my departure?

Upon departure your villa will be offered for sale by the developer at the current market price.

What financial model does Catalina use?

Catalina is based on the “loan-lease” retirement village model. Essentially this means that you pay an incoming contribution (no-interest loan) which is held by the developer. The developer then provides you with a license to occupy the dwelling for up to 99 years.

What are the security arrangements?

Catalina Lake Macquarie is a secure community located in a picturesque and safe retirement village setting. The village features CCTV security at the entry and clubhouse, with each of the villas being fitted with an emergency call system. External doors feature deadlocks and windows & sliding doors are key locked. Of course, casual surveillance by like-minded neighbors is also helpful in keeping unwanted visitors at bay.

What type of contract do I enter when I buy a residence?

To become a resident you will need to enter into a retirement village contract, services & facilities agreement and loan agreement. These documents can be made available for you and/ or your Legal Advisor to review upon request.

Is there an ambulance service close by?

Yes the local ambulance station is located at 135 Dora Street Morisset, which is 6 mins drive from the Catalina Village.

Does Wyong public hospital offer specialist medical services?

Yes, Wyong Public Hospital currently offers the following specialist medical services:

  • emergency department
  • coronary care unit
  • alcohol & drug Unit
  • geriatric assessment unit
  • maintenance renal dialysis unit
  • oncology unit
  • rehabilitation unit
Where is the nearest major public hospital?

The nearest major public hospital is located at Wyong (664 Pacific Hwy Hamlyn Terrace), which is 25 minutes drive from the Catalina village.

Is the area well serviced by Doctors?

Yes. There is a general practice at Avondale village Cooranbong and GP super clinic located in Morisset, which is 8 klms away.

Are you close to shops and transport?

Avondale shopping village is located at 563 Freemans Drive Cooranbong, which is 1.5klms/    3 minutes drive from the Catalina village. A village bus is available for pre-booked group transport to both the Avondale village shops and Morisset shopping centre and train station.

Is there a minimum age requirement to enter the Village?

Yes, the principal occupant must over 55 years or over at the date of occupation.

Why do people opt to live in a retirement village, as opposed to (say) an apartment?

Primarily for the friendships and sense of Community. Apartment dwellers tend to have little  interaction with their neighbors. Retirement Villages are inclusive places where neighbors are encouraged to get to know each other and life revolves around a central “hub” such as a community centre.

I’m coming from outside the area, what is the weather like there?

Catalina Lake Macquarie is located in a temperate coastal environment. Typical winter days range from 9 to 17 degrees with 90mm of monthly rainfall. In summer the range is usually around 18 to 26 degrees with a monthly rainfall average of 70mm.

What is Catalina Lake Macquarie?

Catalina Lake Macquarie is a high quality master planned, lifestyle focused, retirement village located in Lake Macquarie – one of the most sought after coastal locations in NSW.