Lightbulb moments galore at Tea and Tech day - Catalina Village

Lightbulb moments galore at Tea and Tech day

Translating the language of IT

Learning a new language can be tough but learning the language of IT at any age is something else again. To help untangle confusion around data, apps, icons, and settings, and learn about new functionality that may suit over 55’s, Catalina recently hosted a Tea and Tech day. The aim was to help connect our residents and visitors to the world-wide-web and to clarify some confusing terminology.

The world of IT is supposed to enrich our lives and help make us more efficient, timely and connected. But with modern technology constantly changing with new functionality, updates and terminology, we can be left frustrated and confused. Armed with iPads and mobile phones, we learnt about data, how much is enough and potential fees involved, how to stay safe online and the difference between a range of internet browsers. Whilst tea was brewed and scones devoured, conversations turned to the differences between Apple and Android. With plenty of time for questions, there were many “A-ha!” lightbulb moments echoing around the room.

It wasn’t just functionality and speed that was top of mind though. Many had questions about how to change their device settings, how to dull or brighten the screen, use nighttime lighting (night shield), or increase the size of the text. Richard Scenna from Your Link walked everyone through practical examples and helped one on one where needed.

Travel and technology was also a popular theme with Richard taking us through the most relevant devices and connections to use when travelling and how to connect to WIFI and personal hotspots when we’re out and about.

Besides Catalina, the event was supported by the following:

Your Link: an organisation focused on the digital inclusion of Australian seniors no matter where they are living.

Adssi: a company promoting independent living and offering in-home services and care packages.

Be Connected: an online learning program helping older generations connect to the internet easily and feel more comfortable doing so. It’s free, user-friendly and covers things like Facebook, Skype, genealogy and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Over 25 people attended this event which was just the first of many similar events Catalina plan on hosting again in the near future.

Contact us to find out when our next informative event is.

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